TENET is the only blockchain scalable and secure enough to handle the development of trillion-dollar applications usable by billions of people.

TENET disrupts the Proof of Stake consensus model to enable the most secure smart contract network ever created. It gives true utility to Liquid Staking Derivatives, by allowing a diversified basket of assets (i.e. staked ETH, ATOM, MATIC, etc.) to secure a single network: TENET.

Inclusive Sovereign Economy

Blockchains are like independent economies. The status quo is they operate staking exclusively with their own gas token. This limits incentive for the most liquid cryptocurrencies – gas tokens – to move to any economy beside their own.

TENET disrupts this model. It’s the first inclusive crypto economy. Gas tokens of any chain have an incentive to move to it. Particularly, the staked receipts of networks have little utility. TENET targets the constantly growing LSD market. 

90% or more of a network’s gas tokens end up staked as there’s missed value in not doing so. The LSD market is constantly growing. This means TENET has the capacity to be secured (and by virtue acquire the liquidity) of 90% or more of all Ethereum, Polygon, Polkadot, Cosmos, and any other network the governance approves.

Pragmatism: Feeless DeFi Primitives

The inclusivity of TENET attracts the staked-gas token holders of every major blockchain. This opens up the ecosystem to conversion opportunities. The most powerful method is feeless DeFi primitives.

Existing smart contract networks power important infrastructure, but DeFi is the most vital. At present, DeFi development is left to the hands of VC funding. This means DeFi products end up being bigger rent seekers than even banks, and significantly more than any CeFi crypto product. 

TENET permanently addresses this by providing DeFi primitives natively on the ecosystem, with no protocol fees. These public goods ensure maximized user conversion, while providing means to put the LSDs securing the network to be unparalleled and usable channels of liquidity on the network. 

Build Trillion-Dollar Apps for Billions of Users

Digtial economies are dominated by corporations. This means the greatest wealth resource remains centralized. The sector is in its infancy, and needs action similar to the financial market.

Blockchains have challenged the financial sector. TENET is the first to also challenge the broader digital sectors like communication and AI. The preliminary step to this is the TENET blockchain: scalable, low cost, and highly secure. 

Further, as an EVM network on the Cosmos SDK, TENET is the easiest network to build on. Bring the extensive EVM libraries to TENET to build anything at rapid ease with existing frameworks battle-tested for years. Immediately bring the liquidity of Cosmos capital to TENET, through the innate composability of the ecosystem. 

The combination of this security and liquidity enables the open expansion, development, and prosperity of communication, social, AI, and other economies owned by the people. The demonstrative product for this is Eva, the flagship and first AI app on TENET, built by the foundation. 

Eva: Keyless AI Wallet to Make Crypto Easy for the World

Wallets enable access to crypto, yet they are the main painpoint. Wallet protection is a major barrier and it keeps crypto from growth. It’s the reason for why people stick with CeFi and centralized exchanges: self-custody is risky.

Eva makes self-custody feel like a bank app: secured by a combination of bio-authenticaion, pin code, and email access. This is the first wallet where the members of a typical household, even the grandparents, can confidently and securely tap into self-custody. 

The AI functions in Eva make the crypto experience seamless. At present, every crypto participate must understand the intricacies of DeFi and smart contracts. Even veterans struggle. Eva uses powerful machine learning algorithms to turn text and voice commands into on-chain actions. 

Rather than having to learn how to use apps like Compound and how to maximize yield through layered products like Yearn, Eva takes basic commands and takes advantage of on-chain protocols to deliver results. 

Similar to how a bank app user doesn’t need to get involved into the back-end software of lending, Eva doesn’t need end users to know how blockchains work. Keyless onramp and zero learning curve.

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