TENET is the EVM compatible blockchain operating on the Cosmos SDK. It benefits from the immediate compatibility of 99% of crypto developments, due to EVM compliance. It also benefits from the composabiltiy of the Cosmos ecosystem, which till now has lacked a core use case.

$NET is the native token of TENET. $NET is the first composable gas token with product-level utilities, giving it cross-chain liquidity advantages and constant consumer demand – unseen in any other crypto asset to date.

It’s community DAO, uncorrupted by VC pre-sales, has true community power: stake $NET and use fees from network demand and products to expand the ecosystem, operate buy backs and burns, boost yield, and anything the community wants. Imagination is the only limit.

Business Model

A business model is needed for any development, even an autonomous protocol, or it cannot survive. This is different from how development in crypto is normally done, but the mission of TENET is to operate on value generation rather than VC funding.


As a blockchain, TENET is able to capture value of transaction demand. This is a core value-add to the $NET token. TENET is the first of its kind composable yet EVM compatible chain, this makes it the easiest blockchain to build on, rightly positioned to build the future of AI.


Eva is the flagship AI app built on TENET. It gives the blockchain a go-to product that builds a customer base through unseen ease of on-chain usage. Eva is a breakthrough in global finance.


TENET is the only chain suitable for institutional AI development. Its business API opens app calls to anonymized customer data, secured by powerful Diversified PoS consensus. Eva is the platformed case for this.

BYTE Sales

Machine learning algorithms need clean and organized data for maximized value. App developers can purchase BYTE NFTs to build a well-profiled and anonymized data set for any customer they have. This allows them to acquire the highest bids from AI firms that want to buy data.

$NET Token Income

$NET has a purified staking system. Free from VCs. This pure community DAO is in control of the value generated from the business model. This is the global public’s only shot at owning the value generated by the $10 trillion dollar AI economy.

Market Buying

The community can use the business model to run constant buy backs of $NET tokens from the circulating market.

Token Burns

The community can build sustainable and regular burns of $NET tokens, which they bought from the circulating market, thereby making a constant reduction in supply.

Staking Rewards

The community can choose to build the industry’s highest yield staking rewards by using market buys of $NET tokens as yield.

Treasury Growth

The community can use the business model to build a treasury that keeps growing: expand into yield farming, buy under-valued assets, acquire businesses, etc.

Pure Utilities

The TENET Foundation is deploying a variety of major applications to build TENET as the go-to for both AI customers and DeFi users. The $NET token is immediately useful in these products.

Righteous DeFi

TENET Foundation has developed DeFi that is uncorrupted by VCs. $NET is a dominant liquidity asset in these protocols.

Eva Spends

$NET can be use for discounted transactions in the flagship AI app, Eva.

Node Purchases

$NET is a key asset for participating in network validation, despite Diversified PoS.