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Future of LSDFI


the Future


Revolutionary Layered Incentivization

We redefine governance and incentivization through our distinct vote escrow system, ensuring transparent and fair rewards distribution. By locking Tenet, users receive veTenet, enabling active participation in voting and receiving their right ful share of generated fees.

Empowering Ecosystem Governance

At Tenet, we believe in inclusive participation. Our unique Diversified Proof of Stake approach enables users to stake not only Tenet but also LSDs from other networks, actively engaging in consensus and governance. Together, we shape and govern our ecosystem collectively.


Reshaping the stablecoin landscape, LSDC tackles the challenges of capital efficiency, decentralization, and scalability. By exclusively embracing yield-bearing collateral and being governed by holders across the LSDfi ecosystem, LSDC emerges as a groundbreaking stablecoin that solves the stablecoin trilemma.

Feel the Power of Diversified Proof of Stake

Join us in validating a smart contract platform fortified by the strength of omnichain governance. Restake your assets and contribute to the security and integrity of our innovative network, shaping the futureof decentralized solutions.

Unleashing the Tenet Ecosystem



Meta LSDs

A better base asset for DeFi, Meta LSDs stack yield whilst diversifying risk



Earn double yield on your LSDs by restaking to Tenet

Eva Wallet

Join Tenet

Join the thriving Tenet ecosystem, where possibilities abound. Help us build the future of LSDfi


Built using Layer Zero technology, safely bridge your assets to Tenet


Introducing the Tenet Dashboard

Experience the future of LSDfi with our all-in-one Tenet Dashboard. Seamlessly integrated into web 2.5, it grants effortless access to our complete suite of products, revolutionizing your interaction with decentralized finance. Transform your financial aspirations with just a few clicks.


Your Gateway to the Crypto World

Welcome to Eva, the groundbreaking non-custodial wallet designed for simplicity and accessibility. With advanced security integrations and strategic collaborations, Eva Wallet provides an unparalleled user experience. Embark on your crypto journey and confidently navigate the world of digital assets.


Experience Seamless Liquidity

Dive into the world of decentralized exchanges with Tenet DEX. Unlock deep liquidity between Meta LSDs and their underlying counterparts, revolutionizing liquidations within our stablecoin protocol. Embrace a realm of fluidity and efficiency in decentralized trading.


Your Gateway to Instant Connectivity

Experience a new era of connectivity with Tenet Bridge, seamlessly integrating LSDs into the Tenet network. Explore opportunities as Tenet, LSDC, and Meta LSDs smoothly bridge to other networks. Transcend traditional silos and unlock a decentralized future.


Elevate Your LSDfi Potential

Discover Tenet's Meta LSDs, where innovation meets diversification. Mitigate validator risk and diversify across multiple issuers of underlying LSDs. Experience the efficiency of capital utilization and access diversified opportunities across the DeFi ecosystem. Unleash the power of Meta LSDs within the Tenet ecosystem.



Q2 2023
Eva Wallet Launch
Q3 2023
Q4 2023
Beta Mainnet Launch
Q1 2024
Tenet Bridge Launch
Q1 2023
Q2 2023
Tenet Oracle Launch
Q3 2023
Public Testnet
Q4 2023
Restaking and Native Gauges Launch
Q1 2024
Tenet Aggregator, Tenet DEX and LSDC Launch
Q2 2024
Crosschain Gauges Expansion
Q1 2023
Tenet Oracle Decentralisation
Q2 2023
Security Layer Enhancements
Q2 2023
Meta LSDs Launch